Cash flow statements

Cash flows from operating activities
Profit/(loss) before income tax45.251.8(3.7)(1.1)
Adjusted for:
– Depreciation of property, plant and equipment1819.
– Loss on disposal of property, plant and equipment61.70.1
– Proceeds on disposal of fixed assets0.2
– Amortisation of intangible assets193.
– Share of loss of investment0.1
– Net impact of lease incentives(2.7)(3.2)
– Finance income12(0.6)(0.3)(0.6)(0.3)
– Fair value loss/(gain) on derivative financial instruments313.7(2.6)
– Fair value loss on deferred
contingent share consideration
– Long-term incentive plan111.
Changes in working capital:
– Increase in inventories(2.6)(16.8)
– (Increase)/decrease in trade and other receivables(11.3)(2.8)(14.5)1.9
– Increase/(decrease) in trade and other payables, and provisions12.2(0.9)2.10.4
Cash generated from/(used in) operations73.346.5(13.4)3.3
Interest received120.
Tax paid(9.6)(8.5)
Net cash generated from operating activities64.338.3(12.8)3.6
Cash flow from investing activities
Acquisitions (net of cash acquired)33(2.2)(1.0)
Purchase of property, plant and equipment18(26.9)(14.9)(1.9)(0.9)
Purchase of intangible assets19(6.9)(2.9)(6.1)­(2.4)
Purchase of investments/associates20(0.4)(0.4)(3.0)
Net cash used in investing activities(36.4)(17.8)(9.4)(6.3)
Cash flow from financing activities
Cash contributions received from landlords4.63.0
Repayment of borrowings25(0.3)(0.2)
Proceeds received from issuance of shares net of transaction costs1.5
Net cash generated from financing activities4.32.81.5
Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents3032.223.3(22.2)(1.2)
Cash and cash equivalents, net of overdraft, at beginning of period2454.530.9(13.2)(12.0)
Exchange (losses)/gains on cash and cash equivalents30(0.5)0.3
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period, net of overdraft2486.254.5(35.4)(13.2)

The Notes to the Group and Company Financial Statements are an integral part of the Group and Company financial statements.