20 Investments

26 April 2014
28 April 2013
Investments at beginning of period – net book value363.9360.9
Additions in the period2.13.0
Investments at end of period – net book value366.0363.9

The total cost of investments is £405.1m (2013: £403.0m).

A long-term loan to existing subsidiary DKH Retail Limited of £0.7m was added to investments in the period. Long term funding for Superdry Germany GmbH by SuperGroup Plc of £1.0m was made in October 2013. An investment of £0.4m in Anatwine Limited was made in February 2014, which is reflected in the Company set of accounts. In the Group's set of accounts the carrying value of Anatwine during the period was £0.3m, after taking into account the loss of £0.1m during the year.


All of the subsidiaries have been included in the consolidated financial statements. A list of the subsidiaries held during the year is set out below:

SubsidiaryPrincipal activityCountry of incorporation2014
% shares
Basset BVBAClothing retailer in BelgiumBelgium100
C-Retail Limited2Clothing retailer in UKUK100
DKH Retail Limited2Worldwide wholesale distributionUK100
Fragrances 55 Limited2Holds fragrances licenceUK100
Snow & Surf BVBAClothing retailer in BelgiumBelgium100
SuperGroup Belgium NV2Holds the investment in
SuperGroup Netherlands BV
SuperGroup Belgium Finance NV2Provides finance to the GroupBelgium100
SuperGroup Concessions Limited2Clothing retailer in concessionsUK100
SuperGroup Europe BVBAWholesale distribution in BeneluxBelgium100
Superdry France SARL2Clothing retailer in FranceFrance100
Superdry Germany GmbH2Clothing retailer in GermanyGermany70
SuperGroup France SARLClothing retailer in FranceFrance100
SuperGroup International Limited2Contracting of overseas personnelUK100
SuperGroup Internet Limited2Clothing retailer via the InternetUK100
SuperGroup Internet North America Limited4DormantUK51
SuperGroup Netherlands BVHolds the investment in
SuperGroup Europe BVBA
SuperGroup Netherlands Retail BVClothing retailer in the NetherlandsNetherlands100
SuperGroup Retail Spain S.L.U.1,2,3Clothing retailer in SpainSpain100
SuperGroup Retail Ireland Limited2Clothing retailer in the Republic
of Ireland
SuperGroup Mumessillik Hizmet ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi2Manages supplier relationships
in Turkey
Tokyo Retail Limited4DormantROI100
  1. Incorporated in the year and not material.
  2. Directly owned by the Company.
  3. Holds the investment in the Portuguese branch which is not material.
  4. Exempt from statutory audit.

All shares held by the Company are ordinary equity shares.

Investments accounted for under the equity method

Set out below are the associates of the Group as at 26 April 2014, which, in the opinion of the directors, are not material to the Group. The associates as listed below have share capital consisting solely of ordinary shares, which are held directly by the Group, the country of incorporation is also their principal place of business. During the year SuperGroup Plc invested £0.4m in Anatwine Limited for an effective shareholding of 35%. There were no other significant transactions with Anatwine in the year ended 26 April 2014.

The first reporting date of Anatwine is to 30 June 2014.

Nature of investment in associates held during the period is set out below:

Name of entityCountry of incorporationOwnership interest
% shares
Measurement method
Anatwine LimitedUK35Equity

Anatwine Limited is a UK registered entity, which earned no revenues in the period but has incurred costs, funded by investments in share capital.

As at 26 April 2014, the fair value of the Group's interest in Anatwine Limited, was £0.3m and the carrying amount of the Group's interest was £0.3m. SuperGroup has recognised 35% share of the loss for the period to 26 April 2014 (£0.1m).

Anatwine Limited is a private company and there is no quoted market price available for its shares.

Reconciliation of summarised financial information

Reconciliation of the summarised financial information presented to the carrying amount of its interest in associates:

Opening net assets
Investment in associates goodwill0.4
Loss for the period(0.1)
Closing net assets0.3